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Estate Planning

The need to have a legal plan in place for one’s personal property, assets, and dependents is important and many times is initiated when a couple has their first child. While nobody wants to think about worst case scenarios, everybody would at least like to have the piece of mind in knowing that their wishes be fulfilled and their children will have the best opportunity possible to live a happy life and succeed. Our services include setting up testamentary trusts, which provides assets passed on to be managed by a third party, sometimes but not always a blood relative. As our clients grow older as do their children, there is of course a need to revise wills and other legal documents over time. In cases which there is a dispute amongst siblings over an estate, our office is here to help individuals resolve any conflict in the most fair and civil manner possible through estate litigation. However, we structure wills in the most straight-forward fashion possible so that our legal documents are easy to administer when the time comes.

Our estate planning services also include helping individuals put the proper documents in place to insure their wishes are fulfilled in a case where they may be incapable of expressing those wishes. These documents include financial and healthcare related directives, which are required to administer one’s personal wishes in extreme cases where they become in a vegetative state, for instance.

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